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Friday, December 4, 2015

Traditional Textured Ornaments

Seasonal textured ornaments are part of the Ridgecrest tradition, dating to 2006. A couple of my favorite kindergarten students with their clay ornaments.
 The North Star Slab Roller (kind of like a pasta roller incorporated into a table top) really gets a workout at this time of the year. I use a small plastic coffee lid to cut uniform circles just the perfect size. We talk about the purpose and function of texture on the bottom of our shoe soles, and make the connection to art: adding visual interest.  The students impress a slab-rolled clay disc onto the bottom of their shoe.  The process is completed with name and date inscription and cutting a hole to hang, made by piercing the disk with a drinking straw.  When dried the textured ornaments will be fired and then students will paint their ornaments and then finish them up with glitter glue.