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Saturday, September 4, 2010

tool #7

I really like the idea of sharing images and combining them with music and words. I think this will keep my students engaged in the experience and make it much easier for me to replay the show without the repetitive experience on my end.

I am unable at this time to post the photostory I created last with Terri. It's on my desktop and I hope to get help from our tech specialist later next week.

I would like to use this tool to make an updated version of the MFAH 4th grade field trip "how to" that I have used in the past to help students know how to act and what to expect at a museum. The dvd is inaudible and I plan to take photos at the sculpture garden and have students act out roles...docents and the process.. and then let them assemble the photos into a MFAH photostory for the next year's batch of 4th graders to view.

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