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Saturday, September 4, 2010

After 11 Tools Reflection

I think that Photostory is my favorite tool because it will be a way to show students what is out there in the (art) world. I look forward to making a "sights of Houston" and an Art Car anthology Photostory to share with students.

I think that learning in my art room will become more technologically visual as a result of completing 11 tools.

I am surprised that after such a bumpy start that I actually liked the later tools. I like the idea of having the 11 tools as a resource for when I need to refer to them. I also think I will use several of the tools more than I thought I would.

tool #11

Etiquette is important on the internet and especially in real life. This is something I address on a pretty regular basis, or maybe it just seems that way. So important in a room with so many tempting things to touch.

I would address the dangers of sharing too much personal information as well for all forms of communication.

The importance of not believing everything that is on the Internet is important, as well as the way citing sources and not plagiarizing work, are other topics to discuss as the need arises.

As with other subjects of importance, repetition and stating an idea many different ways is key to teaching these important concepts.

tool #10

I have my own I-pod touch that I use for personal use. We currently do not have them available in our classrooms but I researched some of the apps so that when we do get them I will already be ahead. The ones that I really liked were My Coloring Book and Toddler Counting. These would be good to use with the little ones.
Hopefully the district will see how useful these have been in the other classrooms and they will be able to get some for the Art teachers. I wonder what others think?

tool #9

Skype and Jing are both useful tools that will allow students to see and talk to others outside their classrooms.
I will use Skype to have Ridgecrest students share art projects with other students in the district. I will also try to contact a docent at MFAH about the shows that will be on display during their visit.

tool #8

The first video will help students prepare for their visit to the MFAH in 2011 since as I mentioned previously, my dvd from the district is not working as it should. The other will give students an idea of what museums actually do....what is a show? What is it that curators actually have in mind when creating a show? Is it artist, genre, theme or other based?

Both are from YouTube.

tool #7

I really like the idea of sharing images and combining them with music and words. I think this will keep my students engaged in the experience and make it much easier for me to replay the show without the repetitive experience on my end.

I am unable at this time to post the photostory I created last with Terri. It's on my desktop and I hope to get help from our tech specialist later next week.

I would like to use this tool to make an updated version of the MFAH 4th grade field trip "how to" that I have used in the past to help students know how to act and what to expect at a museum. The dvd is inaudible and I plan to take photos at the sculpture garden and have students act out roles...docents and the process.. and then let them assemble the photos into a MFAH photostory for the next year's batch of 4th graders to view.

tool #6

This is something I could use with my art teacher PLN. Not sure how I could use a WIKI as an Art teacher but I am sure that the more we play around with it and work with each other we will come up with many great ideas. I'm going to bring this up at our next art meeting since most everything students do is create art and not necessarily sit at a computer. I will investigate this idea and tool some more and I am sure in the near future we will be using this a lot.

tool #5

I joined and added and for my initial tags.

This tool will make it easier to find a new lesson plan away from home and I will be able to narrow my search much more efficiently. Also it will eliminate the problem I encountered this year when my computer needed to be reimaged.......forgot to save my bookmarks and ultimately lost a bunch of them.

tool #4

I like the idea of using google docs for rosters in the enrichment classes which has always been a challenge to keep up to date, we can share as a team the latest adds and drops to our classes without wondering which version we're currently using.

The google reader will make it easier to learn what other art teachers are up to....I can getlesson plans ideas earlier this way instead of waiting until our monthly meeting. This will make the process much more streamlined instead of checking blogs individually, I can just check google docs. My students will benefit from this obviously.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Looking through some of my photos of Seattle. This one was taken on our next to last night after a dinner at Etta's. It is a wrought iron fence looking into Seattle waterfront.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

tool #3

I have finally mastered this! Took me forever and it now seems obvious what I was doing incorrectly. Anyway these are cool tools and I think that they allow a personal touch for your blog. I think the kids will love wordle for vocabulary and for creating getting to know you lesson (words that describe you & your interests) at the beginning of the year. My confidence is now restored. I am getting ready for my trip to Vancouver, Victoria, and Seattle. I am looking forward to using some of my new pictures for some of the next tools.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

tool #2

1. What are your thoughts about building an online education community and participating in a PLN? I think it will make it easier for art teachers to be connected between meetings.
2. What point stood out to you from the commenting advice? The need to make comments so that a blog becomes a conversation instead of statements.
3. What five blogs did you select for your comments? (you may need to come back and add this information later by editing this post.)
Carmen Young's: youngworldtech
Anna Andrade's: fanfive-andradesblog-fanfive
Marie Casamayor's: xxicenturytechnology
Terri Doherty's: rgeterri
Cielo Perdomo's: ahistoryofaclowder

tool #1 post

Hello there! I am making headway in the blogosphere. The first part was long and my avatar doesn't speak, not sure what's up with that.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Enjoying my vacation, getting things straightened up at home and working on my 11 tools with a companion kitty....what could be better? Looking forward to becoming more tech savvy! amy